Can Hamsters Eat Pistachios? The Truth Behind the Rumors

Hamsters are small rodents that enjoy a variety of nuts in the wild. Because of their love for nuts, hamsters have become a symbol of an animal that loves them in popular culture. As a result, many people assume that hamsters love to eat specific nuts. However, this isn’t always the case. In fact, there are some rumors about what hamsters like to eat that aren’t true at all. This article examines the truth behind the rumors surrounding hamsters and pistachios, as well as other kinds of nuts. Can hamsters eat pistachios? Lets anwser this question!

What are Pistachios?

Pistachios are one of the most popular kinds of nuts, and they’re also one of the healthiest. They contain high levels of vitamins, minerals, and protein, and they’re low in fat and cholesterol. Unfortunately, pistachios aren’t a good choice for the majority of hamsters. This is because the process of harvesting pistachio trees is very difficult for the animals that produce them.

Pistachios for hamsters

As a result, many hamster owners don’t want their animals to eat them. Although most hamsters will reject pistachios, a select few will eat them. Syrian hamsters, giant hamsters, and Chinese hamsters are all known to enjoy pistachios from time to time. Unfortunately, these are the only hamster species that like pistachios.

Can Hamsters Eat Pistachios?

As mentioned above, Syrian, Chinese, and giant hamsters will eat pistachios. However, the majority of hamsters will reject them. This is because most hamster owners harvest the nuts their hamsters eat, and they don’t want them eating pistachios.

However, there are a few things you can do to make sure your hamster eats pistachios. First, you have to watch your hamster and make sure he’s eating nuts. It’s not uncommon for hamsters to only eat part of the nut, and then leave the rest to collect in a pile.

After you make sure your hamster is eating the pistachios, you should then try to find out why he doesn’t like them.

Why Don’t Hamsters Like to Eat Pistachios?

Hamsters like to eat certain nuts that contain lots of proteins and fats. Unfortunately, pistachios aren’t as high in these nutrients. As a result, hamsters may see pistachios as something that isn’t worth their time.

Other hamsters may eat pistachios, but they may not get a lot out of them. This can be especially true for Syrian hamsters, who are known to have an allergy to peanuts. If your hamster doesn’t eat the pistachios you’re offering, you can try another kind of nut. Many hamsters love walnuts and almonds, especially Chinese and Chinese hamsters. Chinese hamsters are even known to enjoy pecans.

Regardless of which nut you feed your hamster, make sure it’s not too old. Nut foods should be consumed within a few months of being purchased.

Other Nuts that Hamsters Like to Eat

Besides the pistachios that only a few hamsters like to eat, there are many other nuts that hamsters enjoy. This includes peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, and macadamia nuts. However, these aren’t the only good choices for hamsters. Many hamsters enjoy corn, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. Some hamsters even like eating dried fruits, like apples and strawberries.

Hamster eating nuts

Hamsters will eat whatever you give them, although some foods are better than others. When choosing what to feed your hamster, you should make sure it isn’t moldy, rancid, or rotten.

You should also avoid feeding your hamster foods that are high in fat or sodium. As long as you do this, there isn’t a bad choice for a hamster’s diet.


Hamsters love eating nuts, especially walnuts and almonds. Unfortunately, not every hamster will eat pistachios.

To make sure your hamster eats pistachios, you should watch her and make sure she’s eating them. You should also try to find out why he doesn’t like them.

Hamsters will eat whatever you give them, as long as it isn’t moldy or rotten.

There are other nuts that hamsters like to eat, like peanuts, almonds, and walnuts.

You should also make sure to feed your hamster healthy foods, like corn and pumpkin seeds.