Can Cats Eat Tortillas? A Cat’s Perspective

Can cats eat tortillas?: Cats have a reputation for being picky eaters. This is especially true of older cats, who tend to be less adventurous than their younger counterparts when it comes to trying new things. But even cats in general have their quirks when it comes to food. Some prefer one type of food over another like fish rather than chicken. And some will only eat their favorite food if it’s served at a certain time (usually after other foods are no longer available).

A tortilla is an extremely versatile ingredient that is commonly used as the base for many dishes, including tacos, quesadillas, fajitas and more. As with most foods, there are also some downsides to feeding your cat tortillas. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about whether or not your cat can eat tortillas and if so, how much they can safely have without risking their health.

What is a Tortilla?

A tortilla is made from corn (cornmeal, masa flour, or corn flour), water, lard and salt. It usually contains very little protein and fat, so it’s not a good source of nutrients. Some brands add preservatives, like BHA and BHT, to extend shelf life.

Tortillas for cats

Tortillas are riche in iron, niacin and thiamine. Most tortillas also contain high fructose corn syrup, which is bad for your cat. Although it’s not a sweetener that humans eat, it’s used in pet food to help bind ingredients together.

Can Cats Eat Tortillas?

Most cats can eat tortillas, but you should limit the amount you give them. The fat and salt in tortillas aren’t good for cats. You should also avoid feeding your cat any tortillas that contain BHA or BHT. Although tortillas are safe for cats to eat, they are not a nutritious meal. They contain very few vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your cat needs to stay healthy. This is especially true if your cat eats tortillas and nothing else. Baking tortillas into a homemade cat food is not a good idea. The high heat used during cooking will destroy any BHA or BHT present in the tortillas.

How Much Tortilla Can a Cat Eat?

As with any food, the amount your cat can safely eat varies depending on their age and overall health. If your adult cat eats a small amount of tortilla with no other food, it’s unlikely to cause any harm. Kittens and senior cats, on the other hand, are more susceptible to damage from a low-nutrient diet. In either case, you should avoid feeding your cat tortillas as a regular part of their diet. Feeding your cat tortillas occasionally is fine, but it should not be their only source of food.

Are Tortillas Safe for Cats?

Some cats are allergic to the corn in tortillas, which can cause itchiness and hair loss. But, there’s no data suggesting tortillas are toxic to cats. The main risk of feeding your cat tortillas is that they lack important nutrients. Cats get the vast majority of their nutrients from their regular diet. This means that most healthy adult cats only need a few bites of tortilla here and there. The occasional treat is fine, but you don’t want your cat to rely on it as a major part of their diet.

Bottom line

Cats can eat tortillas, but they should be fed sparingly. Tortillas are not a nutritious food and feeding them to your cat regularly will cause deficiencies. It’s best to feed tortillas as occasional treats or as a minor ingredient in homemade cat food. If your cat is eating too many tortillas, talk to your vet. You can also try to make the treats less appealing by storing them in a place your cat can’t reach or by mixing them with something unappealing, like tuna juice.