Can Birds Eat Twizzlers? Is it Safe for Birds to Eat them?

In this Article we will answer the question: Can birds eat Twizzlers? Birds are inquisitive creatures and they love to explore their surroundings. Unfortunately, this also means they’re prone to getting into all sorts of trouble.

If you keep birds as pets, there’s a good chance you’ve come home from work one day to find your feathered friend in an unusual situation. Whether it be finding them with their head stuck in an old tennis ball or seeing that they have discovered the snack drawer in the kitchen and have taken it upon themselves to help finish off any leftovers.

Worrying about whether or not your bird can eat Twizzlers might seem somewhat silly; however, with so many unknowns about what different types of food do to different species, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to something like this. So keep reading to find out more about whether birds can eat Twizzlers…

What is a Twizzler?

Twizzler for Birds

A Twizzler is a popular brand of candy; they are also known as ‘sucker sticks’. Twizzlers are mainly made out of sugar, artificial coloring and corn syrup; meaning they don’t contain much nutritional value.

They are often used as a garnish on desserts in restaurants and are sometimes sold in bulk at grocery stores. If you’ve ever tried a Twizzler before, you likely found that it was soft and didn’t have much of a flavor. This is because the Twizzlers have been baked in an oven to create a soft texture.

As long as your bird didn’t come into contact with the oven, it can safely consume the baked Twizzlers.

Is it Safe for Birds to Eat Twizzlers?

The main ingredient of Twizzlers is sugar. What people often don’t consider is that sugar is not only the main ingredient in Twizzlers, but it’s also the main ingredient in almost all other types of candy.

For this reason, we often advise that pet owners keep their birds away from all types of candy. While we don’t recommend to let your bird eat Twizzlers, it’s not as bad as letting them consume say, chocolate.

The reason for this is that while it’s not good for your bird to consume sugar, the amount they would get from eating a couple of Twizzlers would likely not have a significant impact on their health.

What happens when a bird eats Twizzlers?

Birds and Twizzler

As we mentioned above, since the main ingredient of Twizzlers is sugar, it’s not a good idea to let your bird eat them.

However, the amount of sugar they would get from a couple of Twizzlers would be negligible. If your bird were to eat a whole bag of Twizzlers and then proceed to sit there and eat more, you would start to see some negative effects.

The main issue with letting a bird eat Twizzlers is that it would cause them to become overweight. If a bird ingests too much sugar, it can have negative effects on their health.

The first thing you would likely notice with your bird is that it would become lethargic. You would also likely notice that it starts putting on weight. If you see these signs, you should cut back on the number of treats you give your bird.

Should you let your bird eat Twizzlers?

We don’t recommend that you let your bird eat Twizzlers; however, they aren’t the worst thing in the world either. The best thing to do is to keep your bird’s health in mind. And also be mindful of how much you let it indulge in sugary treats.

If you would like to give your bird a treat, you can always buy them their bag of Twizzlers. Just make sure to keep an eye on the number of calories they are consuming. And cut back if it looks like they are starting to get too fat.

Final words

So what’s the verdict? Can birds eat Twizzlers or not? Well, it turns out that it all comes down to whether or not your particular bird can withstand the sugar.

If your bird is healthy, it doesn’t have many other issues to worry about like obesity. The birds will likely be fine as they ingest only a small amount of sugar from the Twizzlers.

If your bird is unhealthy, it may have an issue with the sugar from the Twizzlers; therefore, you should avoid letting them eat them.

If you are still unsure about what your bird can and can’t eat, be sure to consult with a vet. They will be able to tell you whether or not your bird can consume something like a Twizzler without any adverse effects.